What our clients have to say about their experience at Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS.

Our clients' belief in our clinic and the high quality of treatment we provide is so important to us and drives us to be the best Physiotherapists we can be.  Thank you.

We first met Mandi at a professional event after we relocated to Barrie many years ago and were immediately smitten with her level of passion and knowledge of the body and its workings and how Gunn IMS and physiotherapy can maximize the body’s wellness and healing. My husband and I are general dentists and worked closely with Mandi to best serve our temporomandibular joint dysfunction patients until our retirement.
When I sustained a spinal injury while out of country a few years ago, Mandi was one of the first people I considered to become part of my recovery team.
I can honestly say that Mandi’s expertise guided me on my path to recovery, when a wheel chair seemed like my only option. She and her team worked tirelessly with me to regain my mobility and independence. Jenny always assured I had follow up appointments, and Mandi helped me set personal goals and tweaked my system as it required over the years to help minimize my discomfort and roadblocks.
We are incredibly grateful for all Mandi and her highly skilled team have done for us and our patients over the years!!
— Dr. Alice Jackes
Resolution Therapy has become one of my first line, favorite physiotherapy clinics to send my patients to for neuropathic pain. I am particularily impressed by the effectiveness of IMS and its integration into the total physiotherapy program. It seems to speed the progress of rehabilitation and recovery in my chronic pain patients. The staff have always shown great dedication in their quest to improve my patients function and lessen their pain. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!
— Dr. Doug Howard, MD CCFP (em) dAAPM
I have been referring patients to Resolution Physiotherapy since their opening the summer of 2010. I have received plenty of positive feedback from my patients, many of which had tried other therapies with limited success. They have been especially enthusiastic about Intramuscular Stimulation Accupuncture regarding the speed and effectiveness of results.
— Dr. Alain Sacksen, MD
We can’t say enough good things about Resolution! They work together as a health team, they listen to their clients and work with their needs and lifestyles, and the results are both instantaneous and long term because of the myriad of techniques that they utilize.
— Anne
Mandi at Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic was able to alleviate my knee and back problems that were 25 years in the making. After multiple knee surgeries and years of back problems, I never thought anyone would tell me they could help me improve my mobility in any concrete, long-term way. Instead of treating my symptoms, Mandi has found and addressed the root cause of my pain and restricted movement through her creative problem-solving approach and innovative methods. If I hadn’t experienced her methods and felt the profound changes myself, I would not have believed it possible to feel the kind of improvements I have.
— Paulette
Last April I experienced extreme pain from a herniated disc that caused sciatic pain down my right leg with numbness in my calf. Not even the strongest pain meds dulled this pain. Mandi was recommended to me by a colleague at work who had had the same diagnosis earlier that year ... As a nurse I was aware of anatomy and physiology and had had physiotherapy in the past but had never heard of IMS. I have never met a physiotherapist who is as skilled and experienced as Mandi. Mandi explained everything that was happening to my body, and what it would take for a full recovery. I had weekly, then biweekly sessions of IMS, as well as exercises that Mandi taught me. I am pain free now and the exercises are a regular part of every day to keep me healthy. I see Mandi only occasionally as needed now. I do not hesitate to recommend Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS to anyone I meet, friends, family or patients who suffers from chronic pain or injuries! I can’t thank you enough Mandi, for helping me get my back pain resolved!!
— Maggie
Two years ago I had a back operation for my herniated discs. My surgery was a success as I had less pain but it was not gone completely. I returned to work but was unable to sit for much more than an hour without suffering discomfort. My love for running was put on hold months before the surgery and appeared to not be returning in the future. I then meet Mandi Hayes. She treated me with IMS and after 3 or 4 treatments my pain was significantly better! She then started intense manual therapy in combination with IMS and I was then able to sit without pain! I was even able to start running again! Before I started treatment with Mandi I was coming to terms with the fact that I may always have pain and that my life was going to be different because of it. Mandi is committed to making her patients better and because of her expertise, I have my life back!
— Kristin
My name is Joe, and I’m 41 years old. I have a physically challenging job and participate in sports year round. I had the good fortune of being referred to Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic. The results I achieved far exceeded my expectations. The clinic has a very positive atmosphere which helps in the healing process.
— Joe
I just want to say that Mandi Hayes has physically and mentally helped me in my recovering for endless years of pain, as she has also help my daughter get back up on her feet again to play OBA basketball. She is a dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, person that has given me hope to the future. Her staff makes you feel very welcome and gives you those extra customer service that is so hard to find these days. They all go above and beyond what you would get anywhere else. But most of all, they treat my condition that I can live to my fullest. I have been to handfuls of doctor’s and specialist, but lucked out when Dr Howard, another amazing specialist referred me to Mandi Hayes. IMS has been one of few things that have helped me over the years!! I would and do recommend Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic to everyone!! Thanks Mandi!! A+++++++++++++++.
— Gayle
Mandi Hayes changed my life. For too many years to count (approximately 20), I suffered greatly from fibromyalgia along with some arthritis in recent years. Walking was difficult, particularly going up stairs. As long ago as 2002 I went up the stairs on all fours (never in public of course) as it was easier on my hips and back.
Occasionally, when I would have severe flare-ups, I would sometimes use a cane to ease the pain.
Originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I first went to the chiropractor on the referral from my doctor since I was crying in my sleep from pain as was told to me by my partner. After trying many things to help me, I gave up and for numerous years used a TENS machine which did help a small bit but not very much.
Late in the summer of 2010 I once again asked my doctor for help as I was really at my wits end with the pain - I had tried pain killers but did not like them, nor did they help all that much. I was then referred to Mandi Hayes and her Physiotherapy Clinic. It was the best thing to ever happen to me.
The night immediately after having my first IMS treatment, I was able to turn over in bed, which I had not been able to do for many years as the pain was too severe. I was amazed at the quick results from the first visit. Continuing on with the treatment plan the pain became less and less, still slightly present but incredibly not as unbearable as previously. I even began sleeping through the night which was wonderful as I spent most nights awake with my pain.
IMS can help just about any kind of pain; it’s as simple as that. A trained professional in IMS such as Mandi can turn your life around if you just give it a chance. Don’t waste time considering IMS, just do it - you’ll be glad you did.
— Judy


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