I find that Gunn IMS is a very effective treatment for radicular pain issues such as sciatica.  It gives me great satisfaction as a Physiotherapist to see a client's muscles relax and range of motion improve following treatment with Gunn IMS. I am very glad that I chose to pursue my post-graduate certification in Gunn IMS. CQS quote removed

reference for 3 weeks recovery concussion - Luke C. Henry, PhD, R.J. Elbin, PhD, Michael W. Collins, PhD, Gregory Marchetti, PT, PhD, Anthony P. Kontos, PhD; Examining Recovery Trajectories After Sport-Related Concussion With a Multimodal Clinical Assessment Approach. Neurosurgery 2016; 78 (2): 232-241

How is Neuropathic Pain different from other pains?

A nerve which is unhealthy negatively affects the function of the structures it supplies and we see changes in the muscles, vasculature, skin, and joints with neuropathic pain. Muscles become supersensitive to acetylcholine which is the substance which causes muscles to contract. Therefore, all the muscles which are supplied by the compressed nerve will be painful on palpation and tighten until the nerve starts to function normally. The vasculature will react by vasoconstricting, which means they get narrower and are less able to bring oxygen or to carry away waste products from the muscles which will decrease the health and function in the affected muscles. The skin effect is seen as localized hair loss, increased sweating, and swelling in the superficial tissue supplied by the nerve. Joints will be affected when the muscles surrounding them tighten, which will compress or misalign the joint and may result in injury. Also, collagen production is compromised when the nerve is unhealthy which can cause degenerative changes in joints and lead to arthritis if not treated. All of these can result in debilitating pain and significantly reduced ROM and function for a client with neuropathic pain.