Mandi Hayes FCAMPT

Mandi graduated with her BSc in Human Kinetics from University of Guelph in 1994, her BSc in Physical Therapy from University of British Columbia in 1999, and most recently her Masters of Clinical Science in Physiotherapy from Western University in 2014.  Mandi attained the highest Manual Physiotherapy Certification in Canada when she completed her Diploma of Advanced Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2002, and has also completed her Certification in Gunn IMS in 2007.  

Mandi hayes seen with the canadian freestyle ski team

Mandi hayes seen with the canadian freestyle ski team

After graduating from UBC, Mandi worked in Whistler, BC, and then moved to Jasper, AB where she opened and operated a very busy private practice clinic.  After 6 years in Jasper, Mandi and her husband Cyril decided to move back to Ontario with their 2 sons, Caius and Tiernan, and opened Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic in 2010.  Although Mandi does miss the mountains, she says she traded her mountains for a lake and enjoys stunning views of Kempenfelt Bay from the windows of her waterfront clinic.  Mandi is passionate about learning and teaching and now acts as a mentor to fellow Physiotherapists.  Mandi enjoyed working as a Professor in the Health Sciences Department at Georgian College, is an instructor with the Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and is an affiliate Instructor with University of Toronto and Queens University. 

Mandi has gained extensive experience working with athletes from a variety of sports, including:

mandi hayes on the mat at panam games, toronto

mandi hayes on the mat at panam games, toronto

  • 7 years oftraveling in Canada, USA, and Europe with the Canadian National Freestyle Ski Team and Canadian Snowboard Team
  • PanAm games in Toronto working with Wrestling, Judo, and Wheelchair Rugby
  • Team Physiotherapist for K-Bay Wrestling, Submission Arts Academy, and Bike Zone Cycling Team
  • Alberta Winter Games
  • National Events in Soccer, Wrestling, Wheelchair Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Working one on one with National and Provincial Level Athletes in Wrestling, Cycling, Nordic Skiing, Biathlon, Triathlon, Rowing, Basketball, Rugby, and Hockey


Mandi has also completed post-graduate certification in Sports Concussion, Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ), Craniofacial Dysfunction, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Custom Orthotics, K-Taping, Womens Health, and Canine Physiotherapy. 

Mandi works hard to achieve results with a wide variety of clients, ranging from elite athletes to clients suffering from debilitating chronic pain, providing one on one extended appointments and utilizing Manual Physiotherapy,
 Gunn IMS, Active Myofascial Release, Active Dermo-Myofascial Release, Neurofascial Release, K-Taping, Sports/Life specific core strengthening, proprioceptive, postural, and flexibility training.

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When Mandi is not at the clinic, she enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and wakeboarding with her husband Cyril and their 2 boys, Caius & Tiernan.



Mandi's resume is supplied below for further reference.