POWER BODY MECHANICS: how to find athleticism in everyday life.

Daily life is hectic.  Between working 8 or more hours, running home to take kids to numerous sporting events, and trying to keep your home and yard held together, there is very little time for ensuring our bodies are strong and healthy.  The ability to incorporate good body mechanics and strengthening into our daily life is a necessity now more than ever.   Power body mechanics combines awareness of good posture and whole body strengthening exercises into a program that can be done anywhere, anytime, without the need for additional exercise equipment. 

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Hamstring Curl on a Ball - Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic

This week we want to show you how to strengthen your hamstrings, which is located on the back of your thigh.  The hamstrings is a very important muscle because, in addition to looking great when strong, it acts to protect the ACL ligament in the knee from injury.  Many athletes have more strength in their quadriceps muscle (front of the thigh) than in their hamstrings muscle, an imbalance which can increase their risk for ACL tears.  Strengthening your hamstrings on a ball will increase your hamstrings strength more quickly than other exercises because there is an eccentric (deceleration) component.  Make sure your keep your toes upwards.  

Mandi Hayes, Physiotherapist
Justine McNichol, Kinesiologist

Dynamic Lunge Exercise - Resolution Physiotherapy's Exercise of the Week

Resolution Physiotherapy Barrie

Dynamic Lunge Exercise

This week we want you all to try the dynamic lunge exercise.  We love this exercise because it strengthens so many muscles at once and is also an excellent way to improve your balance.  This lunge will strengthen your gluts, hamstrings, quadriceps, inner thighs, and calves.  We are sure you will feel your muscles burn with this one.  Enjoy:)

Mandi Hayes, Physiotherapist.