POWER BODY MECHANICS: how to find athleticism in everyday life.

Daily life is hectic.  Between working 8 or more hours, running home to take kids to numerous sporting events, and trying to keep your home and yard held together, there is very little time for ensuring our bodies are strong and healthy.  The ability to incorporate good body mechanics and strengthening into our daily life is a necessity now more than ever.   Power body mechanics combines awareness of good posture and whole body strengthening exercises into a program that can be done anywhere, anytime, without the need for additional exercise equipment. 

The following videos will teach you good posture, which can then be incorporated into a whole body strengthening program, that also includes core muscle and balance training.

Note that these exercises should all be pain free.  If you experience pain with any of the following exercises, please re-listen to the video to ensure you are using proper technique.  If you continue to experience pain while using proper technique, discontinue that exercise until you can review it with a Physiotherapist.


This is an excellent exercise to improve posture and reduce forward head posture. Clients at Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic have seen dramatic improvement in forward head posture from doing this simple exercise daily.

This is a description about how to stand and move using good posture in everyday life. Not only will this exercise reduce your risk of injury, it also looks so much better.

This is a simple to understand description of how to sit. You will have less pain, improved endurance, and look so much better if you apply the 'bum, bum, crotch' technique when sitting.


The Dynamic Lunge is an excellent way to improve strength in you legs, gluts, core and improve your balance. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime.

Squatting in a door frame is an excellent way to deepen your squat safely and progress to deep single leg squats. This exercise will strengthen all of your leg muscles, gluts and core.

The plank is such an amazing exercise as it enforces good posture while strengthening our core, preventing injury, and makes us look amazing.

The Y Balance exercise will strengthen your hip stabilizers, core muscles, improve your balance and reduce your risk for knee injury. It is also fun to do.

The reverse plank can easily be done in your office. This exercise focusses on your gluts and hamstrings muscles, while also activating your core.  

The side plank exercise is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your obliques and low back muscles.  In this video Physiotherapists from Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic show you how to get the most out of your side plank.


The massage stick is a very effective way to release tight, adhered muscles.  In this video, Physiotherapists from Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic explain how to use a massage stick effectively and safely.

The Shiatsu Bar is a hooked device which can be used to active release your own muscles. You will find muscles release effectively and easily when you use this self active release technique as explained in this video by Physiotherapists from Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic.

I hope you have fun and get great results with our Power Body Mechanics program.  If you have any questions, require treatment for any injury, or would like to progress this program further, please do not hesitate to contact Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic.